Maong Bag

I love making this one; sadly I’m not adept in arts and crafts.

What you need:

  •      old pants
  •      puncher
  •      hair pin
  •     yarn
  •     metal rings 

What to do:

  1.       Cut the leg part of your pants, the size will depend on how big you want your bag will be. One side longer  than the other.
  2.       Make some holes using the puncher on both sides and the bottom part of the cloth. The upper part will be left untouch.
  3.       Use the hairpin as your needle and the yarn as your thread. Insert your makeshift thread through the holes in the pants like sewing.
  4.        Cut some strips for the strap using the leftover parts of your pants.
  5.        Cut some hole in the upper part of your cloth for the metal rings. Sew using the yarn to hold it in place.
  6.        Crisscross yarn to the bottom part of the cloth. Fold the extra part to use as a lid/cover for your bag.
  7.       Design your bag.


It would be nice if I have some pictures to make it easier to show how it is done; sadly, I don’t have images for it.

Your imagination and creative minds will suffice 🙂


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